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Cooks Illustrated is an awesome magazine for all serious cooks as well as for people who enjoy learning what makes a good recipe great. You can also get an online subscription and download hundreds of thoroughly tested recipes. By far my favorite cooking magazine.
Whole Foods is the ultimate food lovers museum. Even though the prices can seem high, you can never find a store that beats their quality. Their web site is also terrific.
If you do not have access to a store such as Whole Foods or another gourmet market that does a booming business, you might want to use mail order to purchase your herbs and spices. Penzeys is a great resource. Their free catalog is also a wealth of knowledge.
All chefs know that the secret to great soups, sauces, and gravies is quality stock. But who has time to make homemade stock? Thanks to Minor's Soup Bases, you do not have to worry. Minor's Bases used to be only available to professional chef's and restaurants, but now the home cook can order. I use their chicken and beef bases almost everyday. The specialty bases are also wonderful. I highly recommend these qualtiy bases.



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